the creator of the POWER method and I’m dedicated to helping hardworking, intelligent entrepreneurs get their spark back and have time for what’s important in life.

Your life looks fantastic on the outside and everybody thinks you’ve got it made, but lately you have this sneaking feeling there is more to life than this…

The only problem is they (probably like you) have a proven success path for work and business, but it needs tweaking to make the rest of their life work.

Which is why we focus on small action steps that make a big difference in creating a life with time for friends, family and fun not just work. 

We skip the psychobabble fluff because who has time for that?

You’re smart and hardworking. You’ve done your research, taken classes, read 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich and Atomic Habits.

But those methods aren’t enough.

What makes me different than other coaches?


You see. Thanks to over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist I have a proven history of helping people improve their communication and problem solving skills, so that they can have time for family, time for themselves and earn a good living.

For more than 15 years I’ve had a solo private psychotherapy practice, so not only do

I understand the ins and outs of running a business myself.

I’ve dealt with real life issues ambitious people have such as:

Helping people find time in their life for what is actually important people and fun (like using their boat or camper, having game night with the kids, maybe even watching a show or game on T.V. without feeling guilty)


Brought couples from filling out divorce papers to a happy marriage

People going from sleepless  nights and time in the emergency room thinking they were having a hear attack to restful sleep and waking up ready for their day

What others say it’s like to work with Tamara:

Tamara has been great at helping me set my intentions and goals. She is focused, trustworthy, experienced and supportive. I have learned new things about myself and my passion and possibilities in each of my coaching sessions.

Janet D

Before working with Tamara I was anxious all the time and the thought of running my business for 10 more years was depressing, my home life was only marginally better. She helped me re-organize my business, so that I enjoyed going to the office again and my home life became a place I loved to be instead of a place I dreaded


Unlike those other coaches

who spend a few months taking a part time life coaching class while working as a bartender or receptionist and then call themselves  a life coach I have over 25 years of experience counseling and coaching people to solve problems and have more satisfying lives.

Together we’ll identify subtle shifts to your daily routine, so that you don’t feel guilty about your ambition or guilty for missing out on being at your kids activities or your friend’s get together.

You can enjoy time hiking, being at the lake, or having dinner with friends. You will be able to relax and feel truely content.

6 things to know

about me


  1. I’m a J not a P in the Myers-Briggs. That means I make decisions and take action. I work best with action takers like you.
  2. I believe any problem has several possible solutions. I honed my skills teaching problem solving and communication in over 25 years treating anxiety, depression and couple’s counseling. If the first solution doesn’t work we’ll find another solution.
  3. I know how to work hard and take calculated risks. I started my solo psychotherapy practice in the middle of my divorce with two kids under 12 and no child support. When they were in college I started a second business to try my hand at online business.
  4. I’m a big picture person, but terrible at details like catching typos and balancing my checkbook. That’s why my bookkeeper is an essential part of my team and if I don’t have an editor look at my emails you will probably find a typo.
  5. I have an ariel hoop hanging in my living room. I hate to exercise, but know it’s good for me so I’ve tried everything to make it fun and keep me motivated. The ariel hoop definitely upped the  fun factor for me.
  6. My kids are on a quest to change the world & they will. One has a masters in economics, a podcast with his best friend from high school and works as a data base administrator. The other is working on his masters in international relations & diplomacy. He turned down a full ride scholarship to Notre Dame, because he got a better offer from a better school. They are both engaged to wonderful women who like me as much as I like them.

My Style is

” if you don’t like something let’s fix it. I know you can have a life you love now let’s get to it. I know you can do this. I’ve got you”.


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What Other People are saying:

Thank you so much for the coaching call this evening.I got so much clarity on my coaching call with you Tamara Mason on Monday. I’ve been working since then on implementing this new thing in my business! I can’t wait to share it….Janet S

I was so frustrated andnot sure what to do before our call now I know what I have to do next to move my business ahead… Claudias.”

Before our call I was unsure what to do. Now I have confidence in my plan….Ann

She listened to the changes I’m making for my new year, came up with some other options, and generally widened my perspective on my new year plan. Great to get the additional support. Dr. Jacque Taylor,