Thank-you POWER Method to Build a Profitable Business

I’m so excited you are a founding member for POWER Method to BPB

Thank you for joining me in the POWER Method to Build a Profitable Business or the POWER Method to BPB as I’ve been calling it.

I’m so excited that you are joining as a founding member. An added bonus as a founding member you’ll have more input than future classes to shape the content so that you get exactly what you need to maximize your success.

You’ll be getting an email from me sometime in the next couple of days to explain the next step.

If you signed up for the coaching option you will get a link to my calendar in that email to sign up for the individual coaching sessions.

If you have any questions before then feel free to email me at [email protected] Put POWER Method BPB in the subject line.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better in our group coaching sessions and individual coaching if you signed up for those.